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Agile Community Meetup Agenda and Roles

Framework of the agenda:

  • Opening (3 min)
  • Lightning talks (3 x 7 min) or presentation (20 min)
  • Pitching topics (5 min). Or posting proposed topics via chat/Twitter.
  • Open Space Discussions (20 min)
  • Key takeaways and closure (10 min)


ServantLeader of the community Deputy

  • with mandate of 3 years
  • can be reelected

MeetupMaster (MM):

  • sets up virtual (and/or physical) meetup space
  • invites to the meetup
  • ensures that all speakers are available and connected
  • opens up meetup and announces agenda
  • invites for a next MM and closes the meeting
  • facilitates the meetup (supported by the timekeeper)
  • Next: Zorry


  • present a short (7-min) lightning talks on a topic related to agile
  • up to 3 per meetup


  • gives a presentation on a specific topic (e.g. concept or technique, experiences with practical application, etc.)
  • Next: Odeya speech (?)

OS CaseHolder:

  • presents a topic for an Open Space discussion

OS Facilitator (we shall have at least 4-5 people ready to accommodate more topics)

  • opens up a separate Google hangout room and posts link to it, so that people can join
  • facilitates discussion


  • ensures timeboxes are kept and alerts participants and MeetupMaster when time is over


  • sends around highlights from the meetup
  • suggests interesting further reading on some of topics


In order to make all this work we need You. Claim your role here. (You may also see the roles claimed so far).